How Much Effort Should Be Put Into Web Design And SEO?

In order to meet searcher’s task accomplishment, a certain amount of effort simply must go into your web design and SEO. However, the degree of effort required to find success has variables that need to be considered.



The ability to achieve higher rankings has direct correlation to how in-depth your SEO is and how effective your site is vs. how much competition you have in the marketplace and what they’re doing with their online presence. This means that if you’re offering a service to a certain area and there are is zero/very little competition, you will naturally achieve better rankings. Even if your website is complete garbage with poor navigation and very little content, you could still rank at #1. Ergo, if you’re competing within a tiny marketplace, you will still find success with a sub-par website and mediocre SEO. However, if you’re hoping to keep afloat in a competitive marketplace, you need to step-up your game and create something unique.



Google only wants to showcase websites that are relevant to the topic being searched. In order to do this, Google takes into consideration the user’s experience when typing a search, commonly referred to as the “searcher’s task accomplishment”. This means that maintain a competitive edge on Google, your site needs to meet the search query and exceed your competitor’s websites. Searcher’s task accomplishment list includes how fast your website is, the aesthetic appeal of your site, is there quality content present, organization throughout the site, mobile-friendliness, pricing, testimonials, and the list goes on and on. Whichever site can meet this criteria the best will be ranked first on the search engines.


Developing a Strategy

Your first step is to define and discover your competitors by Googling the phrases your potential customers would be searching for and see which companies regularly come up at the top. Peruse these sites to see what they’re doing that could also benefit your own site. Is it increased/stronger content? Better organization? A sharper, more modern site? Whatever it is, make note of it and ensure that it is implemented on your site. You don’t need the best website ever created, you just need the best site for your specific marketplace.


Time and Effort Pay Off


Putting significant time and effort into your site design and SEO can seem silly or futile to you due to the complexity involved, but in time the effort pays off through increased rankings. Contact us today with an questions about the need for solid site design and in-depth SEO!


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