3 Things Web Development Should Accomplish

There are three things web development should accomplish for your website. Strategic solutions for web development should focus on user experience. The goal of any website is to present your business in the best light.

Your website is your calling card, it is that first handshake with a new client, and it is incredibly important to your business. Professional web development can help you to make the impression that you need to make on visitors.

What Should Web Development Accomplish?

There are three things that a web developer should focus on when developing a website. These three things are critical to the success of your website and ultimately your business. A good web developer will have the skill set to ensure your site exceeds your expectations and impresses visitors.

Here are the three things that web development should focus on:

  • Function
  • Layout
  • Usability

Website development is part technical expertise and part art. It has to function well, and it also has to be visually stunning to grab the user’s attention. A poor layout drives about 38% of users away from your website.

A good developer understands that function is critically important but so is the layout. There is a balancing act of sorts in web development that has to include search engine optimization factors, appearance, and more. They bring the skill set to the table that can create a great site that users are drawn to.


Today, responsive web design is a must. More people than ever are accessing the internet from mobile devices. Whether your users are visiting from a tablet, smartphone, or desktop the experience should be exactly the same across the board.

The visitor experience is vitally important. The site should be easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for about your business and should be able to easily get from one page the next.

Every part of usability for your website comes down to the talent of the web development team. The right web developer has to be able to put their own experiences to the side and be able to envision what your website would be like for the first time user and build around that type of experience.

Web development is not an easy job. It takes technical expertise and a vision. Professional website development Raleigh business owners have found get the results that they are hoping for.


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