Is WordPress a good choice for SEO?

Over the past 10 or so years, SEO has become imperative to the success of a website. It provides the ability for search engines to discover a site, while also seeking to keep the site at the top of the results pages. Due to this, brands and businesses rely quite heavily on SEO-powered site building platforms. And while there are many options, WordPress tends to be the favorite choice. However, is it right for you and your SEO goals?

Simple, Quick Optimization

A major perk of WordPress is that it has a very quick setup time and configuration. This allows you the peace of mind of knowing that you can easily stay on schedule while filling in the SEO-powered fields of the post editor. If you are new to or unfamiliar with blogging, it can be a bit time consuming to get used to the terminology of the prompts, but once you understand it all, it takes very little time to optimize.

Saving time allows you to create higher quality content, and will get you that much closer to your ideal rankings.

Search Friendly URL’s

The chosen URL (or permalink) for your site posts is crucial in determining how search engines perceive your content. URL’s that carry the top keyword of your content are the perfect way to get your site found.

Additionally, WordPress allows you to either go with a generated permalink based on an ID number, or you have the ability to create your own, custom URL. Just prior to publishing on WordPress, you can customize the permalink to tie in with the post. This can be a terrific SEO boost, giving visitors and search engines alike the ability to know what to expect even before they’ve read the content.  

Powerful Plugins

WordPress plugins are fantastic, and their SEO plugins are even better. Yoast SEO plugin and All-in-One SEO pack plugin are the leaders in WordPress SEO, offering powerful features such as snippet previews, canonical URLs, readability checks, fine tuning SEO optimizations, SEO integration for E-Commerce sites, and automatic META tags.

Generous Optimization Support

WordPress comes with many perks when you’re utilizing its SEO plugins. Beginners are provided with tutorials and directives in order to successfully implement the SEO. Additionally, they come with very descriptive plugin functions to help you determine what goes where.


Marketing your updates to the masses via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can help you immensely, but can be complicated and time-consuming if not done correctly. Luckily, WordPress provides plugins that allow you to auto-share your updates to every social media channel you can think of in a timely, efficient way.

Fast Content Publishing

Whether you’re a website owner or merely a blogger, you know understand that the search engines rank websites that publish regular content higher than other sites. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your content fresh. WordPress assists with this with a powerful text editor complete with a variety of plugins that allow you to schedule out your content and SEO in advance.  

Enhanced Loading Time

Never underestimate how important it is to have a site that loads quickly. If a website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, most users jump ship and visit someplace else. This can cost you a client or business. WordPress has speed optimization plugins that take care of this for you, preventing lost time and money for you.

SEO-Compatible Themes

WordPress allows you to download and configure many different SEO-friendly themes. Most importantly, these have been optimized for both speed and performance.

Is It Right For You?

WordPress is extremely user-friendly, quick and easy, with many ways to customize it to fit your needs. It’s a solid choice for anyone new to SEO or even for the most seasoned designer, and will take care of any needs you have.


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