How the Cost of SEO is Determined

Consider Your Competition

The number one factor in the cost of your SEO is how much competition you have. If your industry is highly competitive, then you’ll need to invest more in your SEO. More work will be required to make your website as relevant as possible, and you’ll need to increase your domain authority. In order to rank high, you’ve got to be better than the rest.

The first step in finding out how good your competition is by reviewing the sites that rank highest in Google for your target keywords. You can then look them up on Link Explorer to determine their domain authority score and number of backlinks. The higher their authority and more backlinks they have, the more you can expect to invest in your SEO to outrank them.

Multiple Locations

When it comes to local SEO, you will need to consider how many locations you will be dealing with. This number will directly impact the amount of money you’ll need to invest. For obvious reasons, getting multiple locations to rank well takes more effort than simply having one rank well. Simply creating the citations for one location is time-consuming, so doing it for multiple locations increases the workload significantly.

At bare minimum, every additional location requires you to create additional citations. Citations mean noting your business name, address, and phone number on different websites. A good way to think of this is as though it’s a search engine reference check for your business. Search engines confirm your business information accuracy and through reviewing all of its citations on different websites. If the information checks out, then you’ll have a better chance at ranking high.

The Number of Services or Products You Offer

Another consideration to make is how many services or products you wish to promote with SEO. Again, for obvious reasons, the more products or services you’re hoping to promote, the more you’ll need to invest in your SEO. The minimum you need to do is build separate pages for each product and service. Something to think about is that each additional product or service comes with its own set of competitors, so be sure to look into that first so you’re aware of what you need to put into it.


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